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I have several books and guides that I will be needing cover art for(5 more immediately following this one). Hoping to find a great artist I can develop a relationship with for future assignments.

This one is for a guide called Organic On A Budget: Save Your Money, Save Your Health, Save Your Relationship. It covers tips on where to source healthy food/products, co-ops, growing/making their own, making things last, etc...

It is targeted at people (largely women/moms ages 20-45) who are moving towards a more holistic lifestyle, but feeling the pinch when trying to justify the costs associated with organic food and holistic health. Oftentimes, this is causing a strain on their relationships or they are feeling guilt about investing in better health because it is a new approach to living.

I would like a clean and simple 3D realistic version of the cover. Some fresh food and a happy couple in a natural looking pose (not staged looking). I have attached the logo for my community website as well for inspiration on my style and color scheme. Written by: Natalie Shively

Here are some covers I like:



Please include a PNG file.

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“What a talented artist. I eagerly await the chance to get more work done by this freelancer.”

Profilna slika dcnatalie, United States.

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    my entry #38

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    Hi, Please can I have book cover dimensions

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      It's a digital guide, so no specific dimensions. Standard portrait size should work.

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    Can you provide the book cover dimensions?

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