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Hello designers!

We are an alternative indie pop-rock band looking for a new logo/emblem using only the two letters of our band name. The emblem or logo will only include the band acronym or letters, in this order, L & T in the design/symbol. Must be L,T in that order in the design too.

We would like it to be a design that at first glance the viewer may not even notice the letters L/T in the design, but, at a further glance/look, it becomes clear of the letters. So a design that isn't obvious that it is only two letters of the alphabet but a unique design around or with the letters. Possibly connecting the letters together in a unique way into the design is a plus.

Also, we want to stress that this is not a design for a company or a business but an indie pop rock band. So style is very important. It is also not for a metal/hardcore band so the design has to fit our musical genre as well. Font usage and design are very important.

The original color of the design can just be all white or black, however, we will eventually need variations of color and style depending on the situation it is used in. Our band colors are turquiose, gold, white at this time.

Obviously, The logo/emblem must be unique and original.

Please no avengers or comic style emblems.....

Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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