Motion Graphic for Album (EP) Release

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I am a rapper from London, my artist name is OSO, and i want a motion (moving) graphic, for the release of my 4 track Album i am releasing on the 10th of March. I am going to leave 2 examples, of exactly how i want it to be.

First of All, the picture of the street lights is the background i want for this motion graphic. I have uploaded the file.

Set background image that i have uploaded of the roadl
STEP 1 - Start with my Artist name (OSO) going from small and gradually getting bigger (glitch effects)

STEP 2 - AFTER my name, i want the name of the Album to come in with a glitch effect, and the name of the Album is called THE COME UP. PLEASE TRY AND FOLLOW THE SAME EXACT EFFECTS AS THE EXAMPLE I HAVE POSTED, AS THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT.

STEP 3 - After the name of the Album, i want that to dissappear and then it to say in BOLD text ' OUT MARCH 20th, (with all the same glitch effects as the example below)

STEP 4 - for the last step PLEASE JUST FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE FROM THE [login to view URL] VIDEO as thats exactly what i want. AFTER THE (OUT MARCH 20TH) Part, with great effects, i want the same as the example video, where it says 'Available to Buy/Stream' and then have the SPOTIFY logo, then Apple Music & then Deezer. Just i cant stress this enough, just stick to the same order as the example i have given.

I have put another example, named 'motion2' and as u can see its started with the Album cover, going from smaller to bigger with the effect & then it speaks in the voice, and i want mine to start with the album cover going to smaller to bigger, and then for it to say 'The highly anticipated 3 track EP' (WITH ALL THE SAME EFFECTS)

I HAVE ALSO UPLOADED MY ALBUM COVER, ( the come up) as you will need that for the part above.


I have uploaded the song i want used in the background too, please use the first 10 seconds of the song.

IF YOU HAVE EVEN BETTER EFFECTS FEEL FREE TO USE THEM, BUT I WANT IT TO LOOK EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL, SAME TEXT FONTS AS IN THE EXAMPLES (CLEAR & BOLD) and same glitch effects, and it needs to be professional as i am a known artist in london.

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“amazing good man”

Profilna slika charliestassi, United Kingdom.

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  • armaniH
    • pred 10 meseca/ev


    • pred 10 meseca/ev
  • armaniH
    • pred 10 meseca/ev

    do you have any time limits for your video like not more than 15 or 20 seconds ??

    • pred 10 meseca/ev
    1. charliestassi
      Nosilec natečaja
      • pred 10 meseca/ev

      no it can be longer.

      • pred 10 meseca/ev
  • Yajatcuen
    • pred 10 meseca/ev

    Hi!! please check entry #4 did exactly what you asked for, hope you like it!

    • pred 10 meseca/ev

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