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so The Back Forty Apparel is an outdoor apparel company inspired by nature and outdoor sports such as: hunting, fishing, mountain biking, on the lake, basically anything to do with the great Outdoors. so basically I drew a rough image of what I need done. id like it to have more details and have a very similar font to my logo which I also uploaded. id like "The Back Forty" to be in the mountains and have other details working down with the creek and have a man either fly fishing or just regular fishing, and have "Livin' The Dream" on the outside of the design like in the drawing

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“He did exactly what I wanted and a great person to work with ”

Profilna slika thebackforty, United States.

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  • thebackforty
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    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    The Grady guy has the right idea of what I want and used my uploads to his advantage, y'all are just coming up with your own stuff and thats not what I want.

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • sornadesign027
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    Please check my entry #19

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • qnicraihan
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    Dear Sir, Please check my Entry #16

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • gradynelson
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    Working on it. I don't like to logo designing as usual but this is more like an illustrating and i like the idea that you have so i'm going to give a shot. Uploading soon.

    • pred 9 meseca/ev

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