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I need a logo design for my start-up. It's a technical start-up that deals with remote code execution (basically, programmers can submit their code in my web-portal, my server will run the provided code in a secure environment, and then provide the user with the results). I'm working with schools (Professors can evaluate students on this site, by giving them assignments) and companies (Companies are using this site for online programming/technical interviews).

The website name is 23loops.

I'll need the logo in the following formats: .svg, .psd (or other adobe editable file) and I'd like to get two versions (one that would look good on dark backgrounds and one that would look good on light backgrounds).

Thank you!

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“It was a great experience. I would hire Jaynul again. The communication was flawless and the final design was great! Thank you, Jaynul!”

Profilna slika onea1992, Romania.

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  • onea1992
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    Hi! I found a logo I liked on this page: http://trystack.mediumra.re (stack). Can you try that font too (same color for all the letters)? Also, I'd like to mention that I'd like to have a version for a light background, as well as a version for dark backgrounds. Thank you!

    • pred 5 let
  • onea1992
    Nosilec natečaja
    • pred 5 let

    Hello, everybody! I encourage you to use what fonts/colors you think it might be the best. As you can probably see, there are a lot of blue/orange logos until now. I strongly encourage you to use other colors/fonts as well. Thank you!

    • pred 5 let
  • onea1992
    Nosilec natečaja
    • pred 5 let

    I would prefer the text on the logo to be in lowercase letters and the font should be clean and simple (example: like the ones in entry #14, not necessarily that exact one).

    • pred 5 let

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