Logo Design for Royal Campus

  • Stanje: Closed
  • Nagrade: €340
  • Prejetih vnosov: 22
  • Zmagovalec/ka: maidenbrands

Navodila natečaja

Design a cool, clear and elegant logo for a company that provides men with high-end dating coaching in real life.

Priporočene spretnosti

Delodajalčev feedback

“No question, maidenbrands has shown advanced skill set, outstanding dedication to the project and a great understanding of the customer's needs. As a consequence, this great designer won our logo contest!”

Profilna slika ChristoRC, Germany.

Javna tabla za pojasnila

  • crea8ivedesign
    • pred 12 let

    check content and winner provider work


    • pred 12 let
  • maidenbrands
    • pred 12 let

    Thanks colourz! :)

    • pred 12 let
  • colourz
    • pred 12 let

    congrats maidenbrands...its well deserved win... :)

    • pred 12 let
  • ChristoRC
    Nosilec natečaja
    • pred 12 let

    Dear all,

    as you could see there is a winner right now. Congratulations to maidenbrands. Nevertheless, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your outstanding dedication to support our logo project. There are lot of wonderful ideas right now and few moments ago, it was a really tough subject to take decision with my partner. In fact, it was great to work with you and I wish you all the success for your upcoming projects!!!

    Thank you again. Cheers


    • pred 12 let

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