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Hey all looking for a logo for our new company placed in DK called "Company Food"
Slogan: "Gourmet i dit køkken" (translated="Gourmet in your kitchen")
The concept is to sell B2B to selected companies for there employes to be able to buy High Quality meat for use at home, ordering online with log in = www.companyfood.dk

UPDATED: We imagine the logo being a bulding looking like a company, also there should be people joined around a table to indicate being together, buying together and having a good time. If space it could be nice to indicate that they can save some money, maybe a money box. The name and slogan should also be there, at the same time we need it to look exclusive or gourmet likewise - 2days togo, lets see what you can come up with, thank you!! :)

Kind regards

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“Quick respons, good experience, loyal, understands what is needed. ”

Profilna slika vithner, Denmark.

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  • vithner
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    Thank you all, we have reviewed the ideas and want to update the slogan: Gourmet i dit køkken (gourmet in your kitchen) we will like "dit" to be highlighted somehow, so people gets the point that its gourmet for theyre homes. Also the colours, if we can hit som yellow, gold - ish background, text, drawings etc. To try to exclusive, as it will be all high end products.
    Maybe an idea with a person standing in a kitchen?

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    2. Altall
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      Hope You like #52

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