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Looking for someone to generate leads for marketing purposes. Parameters are as follows:

1. Number of leads: 300

2. Type of leads: Affiliate Marketers (people who promote products and services to get a small commission)

3. Content of leads: they will have (in addition to a website) a blog (blogger) or a podcast through iTunes (podcaster)

4. Location: North America USA only

5. Following: they will have an estimated following of 15,000 or higher (nothing will be accepted below that)

6. Industry: they will market in the areas of health and wellness, lifestyle, family living or entertainment (Radio DJs)

I have provided a spreadsheet for you to fill in with 3 examples of what I’m looking for. Please fill in fields provided. A sample of 2-3 marketers for me to see is fine.

*Note: I’m not looking for marketers from top companies such as NBC, Delta Airlines, Amazon, etc. or any actors/actresses/musicians, etc.

1. Health & Wellness (gym owners, healthy living)
2. Lifestyle (every day life, travel, shopping, etc.)
3. Family Living (motherhood, family planning, interior decor, life with children)
4. Entertainment (radio djs, online media, podcasts)

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Delodajalčev feedback

“Excellent communicator, produces great quality work!”

Profilna slika hrwm, United States.

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