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  • Zmagovalec/ka: elysaud

Navodila natečaja

What does "Voice Of Mankind mean??? What vision are you having???

Quick, Draw a sketch.......of what you think!!!..... "Voice Of Mankind"......is!!!

Now, please don't read MY VISION BELOW until you have done this!!! You will RUIN the ARTISTIC opportunity !!! DON"T DO IT!!!!!!

I am going to tell you what I see... STOP... sketch yours first... LAST CHANCE...

I invision a ...... Microphone........being held up in the air...like the torch of the statue of liberty... I see her hand wrapped around the microphone....... I see the Globe of the world inside of the Rounded Microphone..... The microphone is slightly tilted or outreached to you.... almost like the "Lady Liberty".... is asking you to "Tell Your Story"...... I also see the cord of the microphone as a lively swoshhhh ......

This is what I see... what did you see when asked to sketch before you looked!!!!

If you played along without reading my vision... I want to hear from you!!! If you just had to open the Gift before the time was right...it is OK...but ONE STRIKE... hahahahahah Just having a bit of creative FUN... This is what we at, "Voice Of Mankind", are all about.... We are launching a site like no other on the planet earth soon!!!! If you want gig after gig.......doing cartoon work, logo work, and other art projects, shoot me ... YOUR SKETCH.. I am looking for a special kinda ARTISTS to work with!!

God Bless You and All Mankind

Priporočene spretnosti

Delodajalčev feedback

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ely!! I am going to have her do many more projects in the future. I hope to have her to ourselves soon!! LOL That would be selfish, the world needs more people like her. She is a very talented artist and is very reliable. Great Job !!! ”

Profilna slika Voiceofmankind, United States.

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