I need a game logo / header for a mobile game

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I am busy with production of Isles of the Magi mobile game and I need a logo / header which will be used for social media as well as in the game. I need it to feature 3 elements (Ice, fire and nature) but also have space to add 3 other elements for an expansion at a later stage. Please see the images attached for inspiration only, don't use the attached images as they have copyrights.
The text "Isles of the Magi" should also be in the logo / header.

Please use a black or transparent background to make it easy to scale for social media, or create different sizes to be used in social media as well as in game. IE Gamejolt requires 2000 x 500 px, Facebook requires 640 x 360 px.

Please make sure it has some form of symbols to represent the elements and some aura / stream like in the sample pictures could also look nice.

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  • gordoh
    Nosilec natečaja
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    Thanks to everyone who put in so much hard work! It was a really tough decision but I chose the one which I liked the best.

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • NatachaHoskins
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    working on it

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • opillusionist
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    Hello would like to know if you only need vector illustrations or pixel illustrations will work too? Thank you.

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
    1. gordoh
      Nosilec natečaja
      • pred 9 meseca/ev

      I had to do some research to answer this one because I wasnt sure what the difference is. It looks like vector illustrations will be better for what I need. I plan to use certain elements like the symbols for different parts of the game, and I believe that pixel illustrations will become blurry if I try to splice up the image. Correct me if I am wrong though, I am not so clued up on graphic design.

      • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • lition1981
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    working on it please wait.

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • gordoh
    Nosilec natečaja
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    Most of these entries are nothing like the pictures I have attached. It needs to include symbols representing the elements. Also adding aura's or streams from the symbols will look good.

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • PureMechatronics
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    hi there, will u please check my design #4. regards.

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • gordoh
    Nosilec natečaja
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    Hey guys Ive added 2 more pictures. The one is an actual picture of the game so you can see the art style I am using. I dont know if that will help draw inspiration.

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • EmanuelMessiasOF
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    I created a tropical island logo style, with a white border, and a palm tree in the center
    you can use soft colors to represent the elements, the colors are in pillars
    i added 6 pillars (3 elements + 3 optional elements)

    about images:
    Black and White (with Logo) = Base if you want to customize
    black and white (no logo) = Icon, just convert to a .icon
    Blue, Green, Red = if you need to add more elements
    Blue, Green, Red (full) = if you need want to stay the 3 elements


    but you can customize as you want.

    i created GJ and FB cover!

    about covers:
    (2000x500) no transparent = GJ cover
    (2000x500) transparent = if you want to add a background image to your GJ cover

    (640x360) no transparen = FB cover
    (640x360) transparent = if you want to add a background image to your FB cover

    • pred 9 meseca/ev

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