Gecko/Dragon design

  • Stanje: Closed
  • Nagrade: $100
  • Prejetih vnosov: 20
  • Zmagovalec/ka: jadeguedj

Navodila natečaja

I'd like someone to redesign my gecko, it can be into a mystical cute gecko or a cute dragon.
* I would like the skin/scales to stay the color they currently are or to be black, purple, blue. (mystic color) gradients encouraged.
Tail with the shape I sent (not green).
I attached inspirational poses. Gecko/Dragon can be playing with a ball or a full moon.
* the eyes must remain one golden and one blue/aqua
*I'd like the eyes to reflect stars in them if possible.
*cute paws
* I want it to be adorable
^the purple gem on its forehead must be included but it doesnt have to be that exact color.
*it can be in 2D or 3D or both.

Priporočene spretnosti

Delodajalčev feedback

“He was amazing and excited to work on my project even though i asked him a few times to change things he never seemed bothered by it, I loved his work, definitely will be hiring again.”

Profilna slika RinShizune, United States.

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