1 Flyer size 5.5 X 8.5 and 3 business cards

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I need 1 Flyer size 5.5 X 8.5 and 3 business cards for the same company. The 3 business cards will look identical except for the names, phone numbers and titles. The flyer has to look modern, colorful( at least 3 colors: blue, white and gray, maybe black). I already have a model flyer that I included to inspire you. I also included, cars pictures, business cards images and all necessary items to come up with a good design. I have my logo already which I will also include. Please note that this is for my automobile innovative new business and I need the design to be done in the next 2 to 3 days. Please use the elements I attached with your imagination and creativity. Last, the text for each of the 2 things I need are in 2 separate word documents for you to just copy and paste. Thank you

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“Ni did an awesome job! He was promt, responsive and professional. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who need design work”

Profilna slika alioune378, United States.

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  • nobelium18
    • pred 2 let

    I submitted 3 entries ( #24 , #25 , #26 ) by instant work. Still Working on your project. I will submit my final entry tomorrow.

    • pred 2 let
  • alioune378
    Nosilec natečaja
    • pred 2 let

    Just front and back is fine please just make it two pages

    • pred 2 let
  • baten1717
    • pred 2 let

    Sir, Please check my Entry No; #1 and #3 Flyer and (Business card). I am waiting for your valuable feedback. Thank you.

    • pred 2 let
  • baten1717
    • pred 2 let

    Sir, I am working on your project. Thank you.

    • pred 2 let
  • henrigachon
    • pred 2 let

    anything else you need for this wopping prize $$$ maybe a new website with shopping cart we all love to work for peaniuts

    • pred 2 let

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