Flame Illustration - Urgent Design!

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Hi, I need a flame illustrated for a black t-shirt, but not any kind of flame. It needs to be one of those long ones with fire out the sides of it. I have uploaded 2 files with what I mean.

File "Flame" shows you a picture of the kind of flame Im looking for - so pretty much something like that.

File "Flame2" is what I do need (we are making the same kind of t-shirt, but just need you to make the flame on the sleeve), but I cannot see the full image, so I cannot tell you how to make it, but Im sure you can work out that the end of the flame on the sleeve cuff end its got a straight edge, and it rises up with flames coming out of it.

See what you can make for me.
The first person to enter what Im looking for will be the winner.


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“Exactly as required. Very fast and excellent communication. Thanks”

Profilna slika ZachStan, United Kingdom.

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  • ZachStan
    Lastnik natečaja
    • 3 tedna/i/ov ago

    So far everyones making the exact same thing and I feel like the Flame2 file example is slightly different.

    • 3 tedna/i/ov ago

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