Design of prints on the hat. Aviation topics.

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Hello, I am commissioned to design graphic prints on hats.
Baseball caps.
Aviation-only projects. The priority is military aviation.
Knowledge of the subject indicated, although not required.
Exclusive aviation subject. The priority is military aviation.

Vector image, up to 12 colors.
Designs dedicated to printing embroidery.
Hats according to your own idea, along with many mini graphics or one large and something in the back .
Full freedom, creative invention required.

Overprint (embroidery) is practically available on every part of the cap, including the visor, large front, top, sides, back, or belt adjusting the cap. The required criterion is a full finished cap print design on a given topic.

The theme is MiG-29.
I prefer painting the Polish Air Force.

We are interested in projects in line with current trends, tasteful and effective.

The theme of the project will be a specific plane, but it is required to combine threads, including patrilic, historical, general aspects of aviation.

By respecting intellectual property, any duplication, imitation or modeling is unacceptable. Projects must bear a sign of originality and uniqueness.
Any similarity to existing aerobatic groups, teams, specific entities and facilities is strictly prohibited.

The graphic designer who will perform the selected work, I will commission another 9 projects. Projects with specific aircraft models.

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