Design of a complete CD layout for a Progressive Metal EP

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We are a Progressive Metal band from Germany and are about to release our debut EP by the end of this year. Our songs are currently in mastering stage and we are looking for an artist to design our CD layout [front cover, inner tray, outer tray, CD label].

Preferably, we are looking for someone who is into Metal music and interested in further coorperation with us. After the design of the CD cover, the design of our merchandise / Facebook page / flyers / homepage / stage props and so on should be matched to the CD cover.

Each song on our EP "Human Winter" is about a specific character with mental health problems such as the Cotard delusion or MDD, based on true stories. The general theme of the lyrics is depressing / negative / sad. You could compare it to lyrics like "Behind blue eyes" of The Who. "Human Winter" is meant as a cold / dark state of mind and has nothing to do with the season. Please do not use symbols or graphical elements considered "Metal" such as ice, flames, skulls and so on.

In general, the design should be dark. The colors we considered are black and brown / gold with white font, but you are free to suggest something different. Our idea was to incorporate a phrenology chart as the main element of the design. What we have in mind is to have a photo manipulation / surreal art style for the cover.

Please have a look at the attached cover designs of famous Metal bands, to have a better insight of what we are looking for and what we like.

You will also find our logo that should of course be part of the front cover. You can add an overlay to it or incorporate it in an other way into the design and revert the colors - it should not be plain white on top of the graphic. For all the other fonts, you can use any free font, it may be replaced later on.

The song titles should appear on the back cover in the following order:
1 - Midnight seeker
2 - Beyond my mind
3 - Hearts war
4 - Arctic sun

The result should be a Photoshop project file with the design of a CD front cover, inner tray, outer tray and the CD label. Please consider all the technical aspects of the file so it is ready to get printed (Jewel case / tray / disc dimensions), 300 DPI, CMYK.

If there are missing informations or other details you may need, please let me know. We would love to find a partner for future projects with this and are excited for your entries!

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Delodajalčev feedback

“Great skills and communication! Entry in our contest met our expectations 100%. Definitely working with him again in the future.”

Profilna slika ameos, Germany.

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  • joeblackis17
    • 1 leto ago

    #guaranteed . Make contest guaranteed so I can start work ------------- I'm a music producer and also a graphic designer and I design only logos and album covers for Music Artists / DJ/ Music Producers. Please have a look to my portofolio with my recent work on the link below and let me know if you are interested. Thank you :)

    • 1 leto ago
    1. joeblackis17
      • 1 leto ago

      • 1 leto ago
  • oobqoo
    • 1 leto ago

    #guaranteed thx

    • 1 leto ago
  • zahidhasan701
    • 1 leto ago

    #guaranteed please

    • 1 leto ago

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