Design Detox Chewing Gum Packaging

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We have a detox chewing gum range and are looking for new packaging. The design will be printed onto a stickers and adhered onto a stand up pouch (example image attached). We require a sticker for both the front and rear. Maximum dimensions of the sticker are to be 9cm long and 5cm wide.

I would like the logo attached to be incorporated into my design. The following information needs to be included in the design.

Oral Capsule Gum

Works Instantly
Provides Protection for up to 45 minutes.
100% Money Back Guarantee*


Place chewable capsule into mouth and break open with teeth.
Allow contents to mix with saliva, ensuring all areas are covered.
Swallow after use.
Effectively immediately lasting up to 45 minutes.

*For best results avoid consuming toxins for at least 12 hours.

Contains Lecithin 1000mg, proprietary blend of essential oils 200mg

See website for further information

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