design a snowboard

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  • Nagrade: $50
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  • Zmagovalec/ka: AiyaArt

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Looking for an awesome design for a snowboard for a VODKA company. The brand is 1.0.1 Ultra Premium Vodka, The "KING of VODKAS". It is Organic, edgy, yet sophisticated. The company wants to put a beautiful design on the front and back of a SNOWBOARD. Lets see what you can come up with. Please ask if you have any questions. You can google snowboard design to see how intricate a snowboard can get also check out or instagram @1.0.1vodka for more images.

Also the font for "1.0.1" is called Banshee

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  • Prgohil89
    • pred 2 let

    #22 and #23 more updating with color combinations and change in abstract. we will wait for you comments. thank you

    • pred 2 let
  • reshmaguptanag
    • pred 2 let

    kindly mention the Size.

    • pred 2 let
    1. mr101
      Nosilec natečaja
      • pred 2 let

      the dimensions are a regular snowboard. I would guess 160cm X 25cm

      • pred 2 let
  • nuwanrasangana
    • pred 2 let

    Hi there, I will submit.

    • pred 2 let
  • AgustinCano
    • pred 2 let

    Im working on it! If you could upload your brand in vectors it would be awsome.

    • pred 2 let

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