Design a mockup for a industrial camera control app

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We are a manufacturer of High Speed slow motion cameras, check out our website a o s . c h

Currently our cameras are controlled via a Windows application on desktop computers. Our latest camera development features a Wifi connection why we want to develop a mobile app to control the camera.

Attached are some screenshots of the Windows based application. The new design for the mobile application should use similar controls but of course they need to be optimized for touch screen operation. The mobile app design does not need to follow the same design as the Windows applications. The screenshot are just for reference to explain the different controls.

Select Camera: multiple cameras can be connected to one WiFi access point. So one of the camera has to be selected to be controlled by the mobile app. Only one camera at a time can be controlled by the app.

Camera Settings: Settings on the camera can be changed. Resolution, Framerate, Exposure time and Sequence length. The buttons on the top of the screenshot are used to set the camera into live mode, recording mode or to zoom and rotate the image.

Image display: The live or recorded image is displayed in the app. Below is a frame trackbar and buttons to replay a sequence.

It should be possible to free almost the whole screen to display the camera image (especially on phones). Controls are opened/displayed when a change of parameters is required.

Design should focus on tablet devices but a solution for phones is appreciated as well.

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Delodajalčev feedback

“Again a great design by Batagalle!! He was the winner of our contest again, second in a row! Great to work with him and responded to all requests during handover.”

Profilna slika aostech, Switzerland.

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  • someinrk755
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  • nattainable
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    Android or IOS?

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  • wayannst
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    Hello, I am working. Please don't close early. Thank you.

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  • blackdahlia24
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    please have a look UPD #10

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  • aostech
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    We mainly need a concept how we can use the screen of a mobile device to display the camera image and have access to the camera controls. The controls should disappear and can be opened when needed. Buttons in the edges? Swipe from left, right? Etc?

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  • JulioEdi
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    please check #2

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  • salmistaextremo
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  • alfonsoverlezza
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    you want to keep the dark colors?

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    1. aostech
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      Yes please

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