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I need a logo for my brand Lunharia.

I make handmade crystal jewelry with a bohemian, ethereal vibe.
You can see some of my works at this link for a better understanding of my style: [login to view URL] (new name will be Lunharia)

The logo should be quite minimalist. A simple symbol with geometric boho shapes and/or stylized stars, moon, V shapes. The simpler, the better.
NO CRYSTALS please, no hearts, no flowers, no butterflies.

FONTS you should use: I have not decided a font yet but I would use something very minimalistic, like the fonts in the first two logos linked below. Only capitals.

COLORS: As for the colors I want purple and rose gold. It can be one of these 3 options:

1) a metallic purple writing on a watercolor rose gold background
2) a metallic rose gold writing on a purple watercolor background (see link n.7 below for examples)
3) a Ombre writing in metallic purple + metallic rose gold on a plain white background.

This is what I mean by metallic:
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]

Show me what you come up with!

I have attached a few images I find interesting for the combination of colors they have.

And here at the links below you will see some logos and designs that are really representative of the vibe I am aiming for. I especially love the first one because it is more minimalist and I LOVE how they encased the letters to create geometric shapes. If you can create something like that it would be awesome!

1) [login to view URL]

2) [login to view URL]

3) [login to view URL]

4) [login to view URL];amp;amp;frs=1

5) [login to view URL];amp;amp;frs=1

6) [login to view URL]

7) [login to view URL];amp;frs=1 (in this one I like the watercolor background because it adds that ethereal/celestial vibe I am looking for)

Ok, now it's your turn! Thanks in advance to everyone who will choose to participate!

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“Very professional and really patient during the whole process while I was trying to figure out what I wanted. Really recommended! I love my new logo! Thanks!!!”

Profilna slika veronica8881, Italy.

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  • veronica8881
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    I forgot to mention I'll immediately reject any design clearly copied from other participants. Please, use YOUR ideas! And show me something original, not something I could easily do by myself using Canva ;) Thanks everyone.

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
    1. vw1868642vw
      • pred 9 meseca/ev

      Congratulatulation for this. If all people where like you, they would not have to ivest tens of dollars daily to protect my ideas. Very great appretiation for this!

      • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • nazarkabanov
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    Check it #56

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • shovonahmed2020
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    check the entry #34

    • pred 9 meseca/ev
  • shovonahmed2020
    • pred 9 meseca/ev

    check the entry #29, #31, #32 & #33

    • pred 9 meseca/ev

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