Design a Logo for a Brand

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Company Name:
Telapy Limited

Logo Name

About the company:
We are a company that operates in the industry of telecommunication. We have a very established client base and will like to now bring a new and a futuristic way of doing things.

Target Audience:
Our target audience is based from B2B to retailers.

Main Product Service:
Our Main products and services include Mobile Phone accessories, Mobile Phone Parts, Smart phones, Other Electronic Products, Repair Service and software solutions.

Use of logo:
The logo will represent as a Brand.

Stylistic preferences:
Professional, Simple, Easy to the eye and innovative.

Logo format:
We would require the logo to be in JPEG, PNG and PSD or any other format the logo was created.

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    PLease check 128

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  • arif51577
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    #87 & #55 copy from Are you blind???

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    Dear sir , Please check #91 , #92 .
    Thank You

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    hi sir, pls check # 70, give your feedback,ths.

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    Please have A Look #62 & #63 ... Thanks

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  • huzaifakamdar
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    Thank you all for your submitions. The final decision will be made soon, so if you have any other logo designs please post them.

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  • Emdyarts
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    please have a look at #55

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  • flowkai
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