Design a Logo for a Beach Resort

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The name of the beach resort is `Pardis Beach Resort` and I would like to have a logo of it.

It's a beach resort somewhere in the Philippines. It has lots of trees and a long way from the nearest city. There are little hills behind the shoreline.

I'm not entirely sure on what type of logo I would want so I would just get the best that has been submitted.
I would most likely prefer WORDS and LETTERS along side a PICTORIAL typed logo.
As long as you keep it SIMPLE, I am okay with it.
If you can make it look like a beach with the sun or something, the better.
Do note that the beach is also near a mountain side, if that helps.
I'd prefer the word `Pardis Beach Resort` be at the bottom of the logo art.

Try to follow the sample image I have attached to this project.
However, you are free to do WHATEVER you think is best for this logo. I am more than willing to choose other designs that are far from my own draft.
I am not entire sure on what I want.

To sum it up, I want:
- words below the logo art
- simple but not TOO SIMPLE that I could just make myself
- beach look with a hills/s behind it (if you want to add the hills)
- colors? none so far but i guess beach colors? if that helps
- original .psd or .ai file for the final submission (.ai is preferable)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thank you and good luck ;)

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“His designs are excellent.”

Profilna slika CyrusVatandoost, Philippines.

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  • interlamm
    • pred 5 let

    you could leave a comment to know what is missing, and design exactly what you want, there are some freelancers that are copying and downloading the internet design

    • pred 5 let
  • interlamm
    • pred 5 let

    • pred 5 let
    1. interlamm
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      • pred 5 let
  • interlamm
    • pred 5 let

    At least they work on an idea and not download the already made internet design, the contest does not make sense in this way. take ideas and transform them is valid, but just copy something that is already done on the Internet and upload it, is disrespectful

    • pred 5 let
  • maleendesign
    • pred 5 let


    • pred 5 let

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