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Design a logo for new webshop.

Logo files must be made available for me in PDF, JPG, Ai and PNG and in two versions, one with .no after company name and one without. The name for the companye is Babyspot.

Colors in logo and name should be i calm modern colors sutable for a baby equipment shop.

Company name needs to be included and designed under or before the logo, but dont need to be integrated and also needs a design and colorisation. We have envisioned baby footprints being a part of the logo and the name "spot" can also be interpreted in a way that the footprints is made in a spilled spot or similar.

Please ask if you have more questions.

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“Very enthusiastic and dedicated, highly recommended.”

Profilna slika awjustad, Norway.

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  • zwarriorx69
    • pred 5 let

    It's amazing how Beauty L. keeps on winning almost every contest they enter using the same script font over & over & over & over again. They must be lucky or something!

    • pred 5 let
  • AvishekM
    • pred 5 let

    What about this? color scheme can be changed. message me for variations. thank you. #121

    • pred 5 let
  • nusratnimmi1991
    • pred 5 let

    #98 #100 check

    • pred 5 let
  • naseer90
    • pred 5 let

    please check #61 #62 #63 #64 #65

    • pred 5 let
  • adi2381
    • pred 5 let

    please review #57 and #59 too, they're variants of my previous entry which you rated 4 stars.
    Thank you.

    • pred 5 let
  • candoera
    • pred 5 let


    • pred 5 let
  • mdsarowarhossain
    • pred 5 let

    not guaranttedd

    • pred 5 let

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