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I am woman looking for a Logo for my new woman-owned "StandingUP" business.

We help consult and advise people on "standing up" and navigating through difficult work/employment situations, especially women, minorities and protected classes (over 40 years old, pregnant, race, sexual identity, sexual orientation (gay) etc.). I will use the "StandingUp" logo for my site and brochures.

I like the color scheme in this site:, and am especially keen to the purplish colors, also included in the Purple Palette Sample attached.

I've attached some example icons that I like.

The feel should be professional for a consulting firm and speaking business but not too militant or confrontational, more confident if anything. Women are a part of the logo, but it can also include older men, gay people, minorities (black, asian, hispanic). Perhaps a small cluster of people icons (3 or 4) with one in the front raising their hand. Simple is better.

The main idea is "standing up" for yourself in difficult workplace situations (whether discrimination, pay inequity, harrasment.) and should include the words "StandingU" as part of the icon/graphics.

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“Paul came up with a very innovative yet concise design in a contest I held for a logo for my new business. I was very pleased with his initial submission, with only a few color and size changes to ultimately make him the winner of over 300 submissions, some which even attempted to copy and modify his design. Paul's design really captured the professional feel and visual message I wanted to send. I love his color schemes and gradients. He was very quick to respond, receptive and flexible on taking some suggestions I had to improve the design. He provided edits which showed prior revisions next to the requested changes which made it very easy to see the changes and make final decisions. He was quick to respond even given that we were several time zones apart. I'm guessing English is not his native language although his English appears very good. We did have some back and forths on chat, but any delays or repetitions I attribute to just being a language issue, not a major flaw. Happily, Paul ultimately delivered on everything I asked. He did a phenomenal job! Overall, I would highly recommend Paul! Even as I made one final color change as the contest neared its end, his final deliverable and submission was 100% of what I wanted. He also provided all of the files I needed so I can use the logo as I desire. I highly recommend Paul and would gladly work with him again! ”

Profilna slika twills68, United States.

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