Design a Brochure- "Purple Dot Report"

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Purple Dot Report- layout/copy

*This must be an editable template. We will be producing a report for new clients regularly.

Purple Dot Marketing is a digital marketing company (see The Purple Dot Report will be a report for which clients pay a fee before we sell them a marketing package. The report will grade various aspects of their business which are pertinent to marketing and will help us give them the best digital marketing recommendations possible.

This report must be clear, and very graphically attractive.

Cover Page: Should say Purple Dot Report and have the name of the company we are running the report on. Just use a sample name for now

Sections In order

Recommendations/ Score
Paragraph for explanation (put lore ipsum)
-show what services we recommend and overall score (0-100)
-show a color scale representing the scale on all score (red to green)
-we will need a group of scale images to use for various scores

Website Score (overall score 0-20)
Paragraph for explanation (put lore ipsum)
-Mobile Optimized (0-5)
-User Experience (0-5)
-Content (0-5)
-Call To Action (0-5)

Social Media Presence (0-50)
Paragraph for explanation (put lore ipsum)
-Facebook (0-30)
-Instagram (0-20)

SEO Strength (0-30)

Paragraph for explanation (put lore ipsum)
-Google Listing (0-15)
-SEO Impact (0-15)

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Delodajalčev feedback

“Great designs and communication!”

Profilna slika TheAppMaker, United States.

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  • citanowar
    • pred 5 let

    I am Working on it

    • pred 5 let
  • znxked
    • pred 5 let

    Working on it! Please wait for my entry. Thanks!

    • pred 5 let
  • ahmedabdelrahim1
    • pred 5 let


    • pred 5 let
  • Marzia87
    • pred 5 let

    Hi, I'm a document designer (eBooks, Brochure, ....). Please do have a look at my portfolio here:

    If you like my work please do contact me.

    Thank you,

    • pred 5 let
  • tanveerpd
    • pred 5 let

    Your website is not working to grab database and information

    • pred 5 let
    1. tanveerpd
      • pred 5 let

      It's alright, I have been submitted but you rejected. Was it so colorful or something wrong #1?

      • pred 5 let
    2. tanveerpd
      • pred 5 let

      If it was so bad, do comment on this like "this needs to be this way, if you can do etc."

      • pred 5 let
  • prngfx
    • pred 5 let

    size and type (ie. bifold or trifold)

    • pred 5 let
    1. TheAppMaker
      Nosilec natečaja
      • pred 5 let

      it's actually more of an ebook. we will just be sending it to clients as a pdf in the end

      • pred 5 let

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