Design a book cover for book on communication (MTW)

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Title: More Than Words
Subtitle: Using Paralanguage to Communicate Effectively
Author: Pat Crissey
Size: 6 x 9

Please design a front cover only

This book is intended for teachers and speech-language pathologists. This book focuses on developing skills that surround communication - tone of voice, gestures, volume, speed, body language, pitch, and inflection.

Notes on design:
Things we like on our book covers:
- Fonts should be clean and dynamic, and creatively use size and placement in an engaging way
- We prefer empty space rather than patterned backgrounds
- We like a simple but interesting color palette that conveys trust, professionalism, and warmth
- If a graphic is used, please incorporate it into the design in a relevant and elevated way

Things we don't like on our book covers:
- White backgrounds
- Emojis
- Stock photos
- The human form and body parts (If you feel really strongly about using a graphic with the human form, let us know in a comment why you favor the use of the image.)
- Gender-specific images
- Talk bubbles
- Weird and unusual fonts

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Delodajalčev feedback

“Suhail submitted two completely unique designs for our contest and they were everyone's favorites. When he won, he synthesized the designs together to create something we absolutely love. We enjoyed working with him greatly.”

Profilna slika jayhem44, United States.

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