3D model house off of site and elevation plans

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I wish to have our house design modeled/rendered in full 3d, externally and internally. I have attached;

*Our site plan & elevation plan (pdf)-

*The kitchen and cupboard plans - already rendered to be able to copy (pdf)

*Upload file "St Clair Similar" - This shows the colour scheme of the bricks, roof, gutters, stone pillars and door colours (ignore white render on sample photo).

Only a very basic model required at this stage, however if happy with current result I may be happy to pay more for a more detailed result.

Basic furniture can be put around the house such as beds, lounge, tv etc.

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  • marcoraimo
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    You may be happy to pay more for a more detailed result? This is not too much detailed? Why not ask for a walkthrough animation and some people walk around? this is a complete house project and i think no one do it for your prize. Please be serious and respect our job

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    1. SpartakMaximus
      • pred 5 let

      I am agree with you. In last times i see many crazy CH-ers. Don`t want to give money. You know why, because there are many indian and other asian freelancers ready to do in low price or without money. Lol

      • pred 5 let
    2. surendrapulaveli
      • pred 5 let

      You are wrong Mr. Teymur,don't take name of my country. If you want take individual names who do it for low price or without money.

      • pred 5 let
  • abrahamjgs
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  • yayaraditya
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    #guaranteed #increaseprize

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  • kevinelpentagono
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    #increaseprize #guaranteed #guaranteed

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  • dodyardiansyah
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    #increaseprize #increaseprize #guaranteed #guaranteed

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  • alessandroleone
    • pred 5 let

    wow profesional!

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  • ssquaredesign
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    #increaseprize #guaranteed

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  • damagic
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    #increaseprize #increaseprize #increaseprize

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