Creative , interesting, brand-able Product name / brand name required for Air freshener product.

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We intend to start selling air freshener, local market and online. We are in search of product name.

Parameters required for the product name formation.

Should stick in mind and remember able
Name should stand out
It Unique
It should be creative
It should be very interesting
Easy to spell
Easy to pronounce
It should be brand able

It should be 4-6 characters.

If name presents the air care product would be good but not mandatory.

Sample product images are attached.
Certain brand name we liked as an example


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  • Kazinipu92
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    Thanks for such reward. It's inspiring.

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  • OnIt1112
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    #130 for me please :)

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  • OnIt1112
    • pred 2 let

    Dear CH, please select a winner. Otherwise the prize money will get distributed among all and no one will benefit really. You have one day left.

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  • nayakvimal
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    Can you please rate entry #119 ?

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  • calcuttans
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    Please check some new names that I've entered #87 , #88 , #89 . Hope you'll like them and share any feedback.

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  • whetstoneedits
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    One of your requirements is that the name should be "brandable."

    For us to honor this request, we must search online trademark and branding databases in the US and worldwide.

    Please be sure that any name you like has passed those tests (trademark and branding available in the US and worldwide). I see several names that likely do not pass those tests.

    If I have misunderstood you, and you do not want or need the name to be available for trademark and branding in the US and worldwide, I apologize. The names that don't pass those tests are fine.



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