Create logo+banner for a Climate Change blog

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Hi there!

I would like to receive your best proposals for the following set of files, which I will use for my new free publication:
"Change Climate Change".

It will be a showcase of the best articles on Medium:

- showing beyond any doubt that Climate Change is real
- supporting the widespread of a mentality that helps containing the effects of climate change
- track actions of governments to reduce the causes
- indicate daily habits that citizens can undertake to do their part

- logo (1000x1000 px), vector art, file format: svg
- banner: 1980x720px, file format: svg
- avatar (60x60px), file format: svg

The URL will be:

I would probably emphasize how we (humans) can avoid worsening climate.
Maybe the idea of a "reload" icon with a globe, or half and half.

Thank you very much!

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Delodajalčev feedback

“Lija submitted multiple ideas, all worthy not only because of the technical skills shown, but also thanks to the thoughts given by Lija and the proposed ideas. Choosing 'just one' was a difficult task... After awarding the prize, Lija completed the modifications I requested and immediately delivered the final set of files. I will invite her to all my upcoming design contests and jobs!”

Profilna slika rafdouglas, Italy.

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