Create a video animation from a sketchup model

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The file sm.skp (google sketchup, freeware) contains a model of a mechanical appliance. The file sm.pdf shows, how the appliance works. I need a video which shows the process.
Video resolution: 1280×720. AVI and MOV format. I need all internediate files which have been created like the single pictures etc. You can color the pieces differently and render them with another program. The movement has to be smooth. Use the shapes of the .skp file, athough the ones in the .pdf file have some holes etc.

Explanation of the pdf document / animation sequence:
Picture #1: The pin "a" is standing on the surface "b". The hook "c" is on the right side. Start with the hook "c" more on the right side, distance to the appliance about one length of the hook.
Picture #2: The hook "c" slides to the left and lifts the parts "d" a bit, including the small piece with the pin "a".
Picture #3: The hook is fully inserted, the pin "a" is again standing on the surface "b". Stop the animation for 3 sec.
Picture #4, 5: The hook "c" moves to the left and catches the part with the pin "b". The parts "d" fall down until they are stopped by the pins "e".
Picture #6: The part "c" again moves away by about its length. Stop the animation for 3 sec.
Picture #7: The hook "c" slides in again and lifts the parts "d".
Picture #8: The hook moves in fully and the parts "d" fall onto it. Stop the animation for 5 sec.

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“Excellent. Roy carefully read the specification and threfore, there was no need for a lengthy back and forth like with many other freelancers. He was helpful and patient and did more that I expected, he even fulfilled additional wishes exceeding the project. Thank you!”

Profilna slika Tobiaszu, Switzerland.

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  • Tobiaszu
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    Hello everybody, Thank you for your contributions. Please stop working further because Roy is doing the final rendering and then, I will elect him as the winner.

    • pred 5 let
  • mangugeng
    • pred 5 let

    please check entry #5

    • pred 5 let
  • meetmeinandroid
    • pred 5 let

    do you want 2D or 3D animation?

    • pred 5 let
  • syamjiths7
    • pred 5 let

    #increaseprize Please...

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