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I'm looking for a bright and colorful coupon design aimed at increasing sales for my business.
6 coupon images that are ready for a website

The design should:
- Be visually appealing to attract potential customers
- Clearly display contact details
- Concisely present details of the offer
- Include the expiration date and website

The ideal freelancer for this project would have:
- Proficiency in graphic design
- Experience in designing in a bright, captivating style
- Ability to convey information clearly through design
- Knowledge of marketing strategies through coupon utilization

Spring Coupon
Theme: Fresh Beginnings
Offer: $250 off
Valid on projects over $2200
Design: Incorporate images of blooming flowers, green grass, and a bright, sunny sky.

Summer Coupon
Theme: Summer Vibes
Offer: Free Removal of your old fence with purchase of a new fence
Design: Use images of a sunny beach, palm trees, and people enjoying outdoor activities like barbecues or swimming.

4th of July Coupon
Theme: Independence Day Celebration
Offer: $500 off
Valid on projects over $5000
Design: Incorporate patriotic colors like red, white, and blue, along with images of fireworks, American flags, and outdoor parties.

First Responder Coupon
Theme: Honor and Gratitude
Offer: Extra $150 for First Responders, Veterans & Military
Valid on projects over $2200
Design: Include symbols of service such as firefighter badges, police emblems, and military insignias.

Fall Coupon
Theme: Autumn Charm
Offer: Free Special Cut of Boards* (only 1 special cut per order)
Design: Use images of colorful falling leaves, pumpkins, and cozy outdoor settings like bonfires or apple picking.

Winter Coupon
Theme: Winter Wonderland
Offer: $250 off
Valid on projects over $2200
Design: Showcase a snowy landscape, with images of evergreen trees, snowflakes, and perhaps a cozy cabin.

All coupons should include the following phrases:

"Only one discount per order"
"Must mention coupon prior to purchase to be valid"
"Cannot be combined with any other discount"
Suburban Fence 708 222 9255 SuburbanFenceInc.com

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    Waiting for your message

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  • MDJillur
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    Hello sir i have done your design with hope. but because of time shortage i cannot submeet it to your contest. Please message me to see it

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    #47 #48 #49 #50

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  • Asifcomputer1920
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  • samar32d
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    Thanks for the review. Please let me know regarding any changes/ feedback you’d like.

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  • lubnamk
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    Dimensions for the coupon please?

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  • AnjanaPZ
    • pred 4 tedna/i/ov

    95% of these entries are AI. You can easily identify them because they have meaningless words like weone , peeeee cieat sunme, etc. So the bad thing about these entries is they are not 100% EDITABLE and RESCALEABLE. These AI image entries have become a big threat to real designers who doing genuine work.

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