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I am the owner of Buzz and Breakfast (TM) When people look at the logo they should immediately see cannabis friendly accommodation / hotel. Guests can stay in accommodations that supports the Cannabis lifestyle. Buzz and Breakfast (TM) exists to created to give consumer of cannabis a place where they can belong, providing healthy travel that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable. Buzz and Breakfast uniquely leverages technology to economically empower millions of people around the world to unlock and monetize their spaces, passions and talents to become hospitality entrepreneurs. If we could incorporate the themes below - I look forward to seeing your creating genius. Good Luck! I look forward to working with you

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“Very knowledgable and creative - Goes above and beyond what is expected and required. A pleasure to work with”

Profilna slika Gutenburg1, Canada.

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  • JRM97
    • pred 2 let

    man.. i really had a bright idea for this logo, i took too much time i checked but its all over.. i really want to submit the logo.. message me if you are interested..

    • pred 2 let
  • DaneyraGraphic
    • pred 2 let

    Let me know if you have any questions on #22 .

    • pred 2 let
  • rajuhomepc
    • pred 2 let


    • pred 2 let

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