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I am in need of a logo design for my small business. My line of work is Landscape/Horticulture and grading. The name of my company is EarthWorX. I provide landscape, land management and grading services to residential and small business owners in my area. I consider myself to be a naturalist and I am deeply connected to nature and mother earth in a spiritual manner. for it is from the earth we arose and to the earth we shall return. I have attached a photo of my current simple logo however, I would like to take it to the next level. Some thoughts to consider, I like the font but am open to improvement It should rugged, concise, crisp, clean, modern and up with the times. I am relatively satisfied with the color but it could still be a bit more bold and leaning more in the direction of neon. Something along the lines of Kawasaki green. My base color is black upon which the logo will rest. The actual logo itself is simply EarthWorX however I would also be requesting additional files to use with my advertising. the first being "Landscape and grading" and secondly my slogan which is "Organically Inclined, Inspired by Nature" If there is one thing I have learned in my 20 years working with plants trees and soil it is quite simply that Mother nature is the stand alone master when it comes to making things grow so I defer to her expertise and wisdom at all times. A lot of people talk about being "green" and environmentally conscious but very few understand the true meaning of it. For me I accept that I will forever be a student of the greatest teacher of them all when it come going green and i gladly embrace the responsibility of a messenger to deliver the truth to my clients. So to conclude, I am looking for a logo design first and foremost and then a simple transfer of the same font to the other two files requested.
3 files requested
EarthWorX {main design}
Landscape and Grading
Organically Inclined, Inspired by Nature
Thank you in advance for your creative efforts I anxiously await to see this thought come into reality. For you must first create in the mind what it is you wish to hold in your hand.

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“Creative, easy to work with and very timely. Sir I hope we can continue to grow and develop this design in the future. Thank you for your willingness to make changes and for your respectful conduct. ”

Profilna slika jengelbird11, United States.

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    I should note that I really like what it looks like in the picture provided. I like the font, i like the color and I like the boldness of it. What I like the most is the Larger X at the end. Basically It should look mostly like it already looks with slight modifications and improvements. Mostly I guess I need it created into a file that I can use for purposes of creating marketing material.

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    1. firewardesigns
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      Hi sir, You can use this logo in your marketing content. There will be no problem. If you have to make a change then you can give me the message that you liked the "X". Thank you.

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