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Z natečajem na lahko vidiš na stotine unikatnih idej, plačaš pa samo tisto, ki ti je všeč. Ponujamo dostop do preko 29.2 milijonov freelancerjev, spretnih na področjih, kot npr. oblikovanje logotipov, grafično oblikovanje, spletno oblikovanje, oblikovanje poslovnih vizitk, znamke na Facebooku in družbenih medijih in še več. Ne potrebuješ objavljati oglasov za delo ali pa urediti prostora za delo; objavi natečaj in mi ti bomo priskrbeli najboljše rešitve.

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Illustration for Product's Brochure In below link you will find a comparison between our product and the competitors product. [prijavite se za ogled URL] We require the comparison to be with minimum amount of wording (minimum text) and to show the differences, strengths and features by illustration 3 Oblikovanje brošur, Karikature in stripi, Grafično oblikovanje, Ilustracija, Illustrator Jul 19, 2018 Danes17ur 15minut €26
Design beach residence teaser banner This is a real estate project. the banner will be on the façade of the building. it will include information about amenities and pictures and a contact number for more info: -Luxury Beach front living -Studios, 1 Bedrooms, 2-bedroom apartments -MOVE IN NOW -Receive your unit with 10% down payment -Private beach -All units sea view -Easy payment plans starting over 6+ years $900/m2 -... 37 Oblikovanje oglasov, Oblikovanje transparentov, Grafično oblikovanje, Photoshop Jul 19, 2018 Danes14ur 17minut €64
Illustrate Something For the listed items, designs must be created as in the files. There will be characters to be used in an application run. Each character must have the specified style. Appearance style should be like the additional files. The shoes should be worked separately. Head and shoe design are needed as much as the materials on the list. Characters; should be consistent with general historical perceptions... 8 Karikature in stripi, Ilustracija Jul 19, 2018 Danes1dni 12ur €163
Create an animated picture for a label We will bottle water in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. It is in a valley and was once a retreat area for Incan royalty, which gave it the name "Playground of the Inca". The valley is overlooked by a mountain called Mandango, the Sleeping Inca, whose presence is said to protect the area from earthquakes and other natural disasters. There are many images on google. Can you produce an image that fits... 60 3D animacija, After Effects, Animacija, Grafično oblikovanje, Photoshop Jul 18, 2018 Danes1ur 51minut €163
Design Door Hanger Flyer 1)Looking for a professional and clean design of Door Hanger Flyers 4x9inches. 2) Utilize all of the information provided on Hangar flyers and make an additional 8.5 x11 inches one sided design with all the information that is used on front and back of hangers. Please include all file formats for handover including: jpg, png, ai, pdf Please keep branding in mind when creating your design an... 58 Oblikovanje transparentov, Grafično oblikovanje Jul 18, 2018 DanesSe končuje €9
Come up with a name for my app I need a name for my dating app that I'm launching soon. I would like the name to start with the letter V. I'm open to all kinds of names. It would be great it could find a name that represents a connection. Looking forward to your creative ideas! 151 Vse velja, Slogani, Kreativno pisanje, Slogani Jul 18, 2018 Jul 18, 20185dni 16ur €13
NASA Contest: Design a Positioning Software Architecture Design a Positioning Software Architecture (PSA) In this challenge, you are asked to design the Positioning Software Architecture (PSA) that will control a Robotic Arm (RA) that has been separately designed to attach the Astrobee Robotic Free Flyer to a Handrail within the International Space Station. This challenge is focused on software and software architectures, and no executable code is r... 2 Algorithm, Vse velja, Vgrajena programska oprema, Mikrokontroler, Arhitektura porgramske opreme, C programiranje, C++ programiranje, Oblikovanje izdelka, Produktno vodenje, Arduino Jun 28, 2018 Jun 28, 20186dni 11ur €214
Build me a logo I am looking to get a logo made for my fantasy football team. The name of the team is "The Steen Trains" and i am looking for a simple and clean logo which contains the name of the team and an image of a steam train in a shield style logo. Please see attached examples of what i am looking for. Please note the colours i would prefer are a light blue and yellow but i am open to change this... 0 Grafično oblikovanje, Ilustracija, Illustrator, Oblikovanje logotipov, Photoshop Jul 19, 2018 Danes6dni 23ur €19
LogoRe-Design Hey Guys, We are looking to re-create our existing logo in a funky way, i will attach couple of examples. and Logo must be in back color with little yellow design part in it colour code for yellow is: #FDD3FE you can have a look website for over all design feeling: [prijavite se za ogled URL] and logo must be with initials “RS” letters. Good Luck and looking forward to see some fun... 0 Oblikovanje transparentov, Grafično oblikovanje, Oblikovanje logotipov, Photoshop, Oblikovanje spletnih strani Jul 19, 2018 Danes3dni 23ur €31
Illustrate and Vectorize a Cute Animal Set I need original illustrated vector art of approximately 6 cute animals (not particular what type) with coordinating images (flowers, etc.) .psd format please. 0 Ilustracija, Vektorizacija Jul 19, 2018 Danes2dni 23ur €43
Oblikovanje brošur, Korporacijska identiteta, Grafično oblikovanje, Oblikovanje logotipov, Photoshop Jul 19, 2018 Danes6dni 23ur
The Black Count I am looking for a logo with graphics for a website I am designing for a musical I've written that takes place in early 19th century France (see attached synopsis;) I need a very quick turn-around on design/ artwork. 0 Grafično oblikovanje, Ilustracija, Illustrator, Oblikovanje logotipov, Photoshop Jul 19, 2018 Danes2dni 22ur €43
Build me a website My name is Oliva, I'm starting a coaching business and I need a website for it. The name of my business is Coaching Transitions and I have the website [prijavite se za ogled URL] My focus will be on behavioral, social, and relationship coaching. Menu of services: * Working to change unwanted behavior and misbehavior * Working through problems with chores * Working with bullying issues, inclu... 0 Grafično oblikovanje, HTML, PHP, Oblikovanje spletnih strani, WordPress Jul 19, 2018 Danes6dni 22ur €129
Modify site Want to modify wordpress template 0 CSS, PHP, WordPress Jul 19, 2018 Danes2dni 21ur €13
Design my Studio Apartment Hi, I have some office space that I would like to convert to a Studio Apartment. I have attached a drawing of the actual space with dimensions, approx 400 sq.ft. The space already has a full bathroom. I need a Queen sized bed and should be somewhat private. So it would need a permanent partition OR a portable partition made of Cabinets like Ikea. I am aware plumbing for a Kitchen sink would requir... 0 3D upodabljanje, AutoCAD, Gradbena arhitektura, Oblikovanje doma, Notranje oblikovanje Jul 19, 2018 Danes4dni 20ur €51
design a infographic Transform an existing infographic (psd file) into a modern design -the psd file is a first idea -the pdf file is the description of the system The system can provide artificial inteligence to chatbots and connect them to various other systems. These chatbots are used in hotels, shops and other systems ... (see files) 0 Grafično oblikovanje, Illustrator Jul 19, 2018 Danes6dni 20ur €89
Basic Video Screenshare with Voice Over I need someone to create a digital video of a powerpoint presentation that consists of 4 slides. Audio should be a professional United States Male voice of someone reading the document. The video should show the report. As points are read, the video should zoom in on the support images. If this is a success, 50+ more similar projects will follow. To ensure you read this post and are qualified, ... 0 Avdio storitve, Urejevanje video vsebin, Video Produkcija, Video storitve, Glasovni talent Jul 19, 2018 Danes6dni 19ur €43
Podcast Logo (album art) This is album art for a tennis podcast (3000 x 3000 pixels). The name of the podcast is "Game Set Match Kentucky!" Colors to use are: navy blue, yellow, and I am open to other colors. I'd like the outline of the state of Kentucky perhaps in the background (or faded in the background). In the foreground I want a silhouette of a tennis player celebrating with arms/racquet raised (simi... 0 Grafično oblikovanje, Illustrator, Oblikovanje logotipov, Photoshop Jul 19, 2018 Danes6dni 19ur €21
Company Goals and Vision Poster Design of a Goals/Vision/Strategy Poster. In the attached spreadsheet, it outlines company Goals/Vision/5 year plan for Elevate House Investors. I want this designed in a visually appealing layout that can be printed on either a 11x14 or 16x20 poster. 0 Grafično oblikovanje Jul 19, 2018 Danes3dni 18ur €86
Tigernuts product packaging design Hi, We want to have a product package designed for our tigernuts product. Our farms are in Africa but production facility and market is mainly north America - Canada and US We want our packaging to capture concepts such as natural, organic, farm fresh -ie from farm to your table, raw, earthy, roots or any design input that captivates a buyer healthy choice. Tigenut is one of nature's nutri... 1 3D oblikovanje, Grafično oblikovanje, Oblikovanje logotipov, Photoshop Jul 19, 2018 Danes6dni 18ur €32
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