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Hello creative folks!

We are looking to create a potential brand name we will consider using for a TV providing business we are launching. The challenge we are facing is finding the perfect name to use, must consist of several things:

1) The name should be catchy, trendy and marketable
2) The name should be available as a .com and major social media sites (adding “get” before
or “tv” after and such other creative methods can be considered
3) Most importantly, the name must be able to be trademarked here in the US! (instructions
on how to double check this to follow)

Here is some tools you can use to confirm a name availability before suggesting it (if you have other methods, feel free to use as well):

- To confirm .com and social media availability:
- To confirm trademark availability (we like one of these two):
(Click “Search TESS”, then click on “Basic word mark search”)

To give you an idea of our thoughts, here are some names we thought of, but were blocked due to Trademark issues:

- Spiked - Spire - Primar
- Syked - Wyld - Flip’d
- Siked - DigiFi - TeeVee
- Amp’d - Pump’d - Binj
(most of the names would end with “TV”, “Television” or “Entertainment”)

Keep in mind, this brand would be providing cable television service for consumers across the US. Things to consider:

- We are looking for a healthy balance of professional, fun and excitement in the brand.
- The brand name should deliver an “entertainment” vibe.
- We will most likely look to work with the winner for long term work on this project (assuming she or he is available and or interested.)

Some competitive companies/web sites for your reference:

- Sling TV:
- Fubo TV:
- DirectTV NOW:
- Philo:
- Watch TV:
- Pluto TV:
- YouTube TV:
- PlayStation VUE:

Good luck and happy creating!

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