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I want to create an animation for a Facebook ad. If you go to you'll see that we have a quiz where you have to state how much you identify with a particular belief. So, for instance, one belief is "Money is the Root of All Evil." and you need to select how much you agree or disagree with the belief. I thought that could look good as an animation. The statement "Money is the Root of All Evil" could appear bit by bit on the screen, then there could be a mouse moving from Totally Agree to Totally Disagree and then selecting something in the middle (In the quiz, the answers range from 1 to 7 depending on how much you agree). I'd want to do it in a way that would allow us to easily replace the statement with another one, like "investments are hard to understand" and the rest of the graphic would work the same.

We call this quiz "Masons Magical Money Magnet." I'd also like to animate the attached image of the woman with the magnet as part of the ad.

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“Great communication. Willing to do revisions until we got it right.”

Profilna slika lionstail, United States.

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  • mahiomatic
    • pred 1 mesec

    Hi! Can you provide the woman as a vector file, please?

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    • pred 1 mesec

    Please don't close the contest before the timeline. We are working on it.

    • pred 1 mesec
  • OneRiduan
    • pred 1 mesec

    can you explain a bit more?

    • pred 1 mesec
  • subrataghosal
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    • pred 1 mesec
  • SAIM4720
    • pred 1 mesec

    #guaranteed please sir

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