Adult Coloring Book of Execution: The Brazen Bull

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I'm making a coloring book of executions in the ancient and medieval world. The 1st page is THE BRAZEN BULL:
I need a black and white coloring book illustration depicting a male victim being roasted alive inside one of the awful contraptions. Cut-away view OK. It should be set during the Roman Empire and be outdoors, possibly in a public square or at the foot of a temple. There should be a contemptuous Emperor looking on, among a crowd of horrified to excited onlookers.
Image can be up to 8 x 10.5 inches, as this will be printed on a 8.5 X 11 inch page.
Portrait orientation, not landscape.This contest is for a single image.
I've attached samples of coloring book pages as a style guide to what I like, along with several pictures of THE BRAZEN BULL for reference. Illustrations can't be copies of the rack -to avoid copyright violations. The images with files names containing "example" are the styles I like...the bull images are reference images on the brazen bull itself.
Thank you, have fun, and good luck!
In my last contest, I ended up working with the best illustrator on several more pages.

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  • sinojos1
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    #increaseprize please, at least $5 because keeps $5 when the prize is lower than $50. So that way the winner will get $30, but if your budget doesn't allows it I understand and I'll try to make my illustration acording to the budget. Thanks

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  • NickLagos
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    If you like any changes, please let me know.

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  • simon055
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