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An infographic that will be used in an marketing document to advertise our new website www.findyouractivity.com

Please note this is an infographic, not a logo.

The website details clubs and activities available in your local area, judo, swimming, knitting, running, walking clubs, canoeing etc.. The site allows clubs to be uploaded by their provider for free and users are able to search these clubs and activities by selecting their own criteria including location, time, type of club, age suitability etc...

The infographic needs to convey simply what the website is about, it needs to show simple graphics for several of the activity types (I was thinking of using the black and white stick people to keep this clear and simple) It needs to also convey that users can easily select options to filter their choice, date, time, location etc..

I'm totally open to suggestions on how this looks, so far I have thought of maybe a filter with the activities and then cogs for the different types of criteria that can be selected. Or maybe a computer keyboard with the keys showing the activities and the different criteria for selection.

I've attached my thoughts and also copies of the website logo.

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  • petersamajay
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    working.please wait for my entry..tq

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  • stylishwork
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    working bro

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  • Suziequick
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    Please note this is more of an infographic, not a logo. It needs to show the current logo (in the files) and also the various activities available (black stick people) along with the fact that you can use the filters (time, location, skill level etc..) on the website to find your activity.

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  • d3stin
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    #guaranteed please. Thank you.

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