A5 Double Sided Landcape Leaflet

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  • Zmagovalec/ka: MooN5729

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This is for a double sided A5 leaflet. I have a clear idea on page 1 of the design, whilst page 2 is open to creative ideas.

A full brief is attached - one side is a replication of an existing image with a few alterations. Side 2 is text (provided) but incorporating a background image / colour / pattern.

We are a UK web host. Our website is www.clook.net - Here you will see our branding however we are open to other colour schemes.

I've attached 3 recent pieces of marketing materials we've had produced. This should give you an idea of what we like and what we expect.

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“thank you for your help”

Profilna slika sub6, United Kingdom.

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  • sub6
    Nosilec natečaja
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    Thank you, we've received some very good designs for the front page but nothing that stands out for the reverse so far.

    The designs incorporating our website in the monitor stand out.

    The footer should match that of our previous leaflets (attached with the contest files). Only entries 11 & 12 have fulfilled this part of the brief.

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  • MooN5729
    • pred 2 let

    Please check Entry #5 #6 #7 :)

    • pred 2 let
  • nasimm849
    • pred 2 let

    Can you please send me a praiveet message to discuss anything your project

    • pred 2 let
  • FantasyZone
    • pred 2 let

    working !

    • pred 2 let

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