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I am a computer science teacher. My problem is that when I give programming lessons my students go
programming like a headless chicken. They do not "Think before you code".

I am searching for literature (to write a thesis) for this problem. Please help finding this.
With literature I mean articles from university's or other institutes/professors.

So the question is:
- Why do you people have to think before programming? or
- Why do you people need to use algorithmic thinking before programming?

Thanks in advance, Durk Jan de Bruin

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  • sometimeforu
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    below message intended for contest holder please. thanks

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  • sometimeforu
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    Hi Dear, Would you only need links for example a publication by a university , you simple need link or you want to extract it and write in own words, The fear is if freelancers change wording it may again be same problem as you already face. However waiting you advise please so can give you required articles , thanks

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  • surajmahor9716
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    HELLO SIR i do this your project,i hope so you like
    my work and I am waiting to your quick positive
    reply,Thank you #4

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